r/Askreddit What's The Worst Job Interview You've Ever Had?

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r/Askreddit In today's episode we've got stories of people who endure some of the worst job interview experiences imaginable -- including some stories from yours truly, rSlash! I once got dragged around a strange town for a whole day, unpaid, while some guy tried to convince me to do a sales job after I expressly told the interview people that I do not want a sales job. Do you have any terrible interview stories?
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  • I realized while rercording this that I have not one but TWO terrible interview stories. What's your terrible interview experience?

    rSlashrSlash7 päivää sitten
    • Basically asking for $11 hr was the worst thing I could do in the interview. I was called for the interview the day I put in the application my preferred wage was $11-12 hr. And when it was brought up i mentioned that he rudely said well the wage is $10 if that's not enough for me I was wasting his time. Basically interview ended there and he said to call if I wanted the Job, did not call. A few side notes the website did not have a wage posted on their application site and the hiring manager for the department was rude pretty much the whole interview.

      cozy mellonscozy mellons4 päivää sitten
    • During the interview, i had bad gas. The silent but violent kind. They said i did great and most likely had the job. I would hear back in a week. Then they ghosted me.

      Margaret RandolphMargaret Randolph4 päivää sitten
    • Didnt get the job but I've been recommend to try again in six months

      bob 4bob 44 päivää sitten
    • I applied as a cook at the coast guard training base by my house because The people called and said they loved my resume and to wanted me to apply. I never heard from them again. Had to have my CG bf at the time direct me to the office

      Rachel GallianiRachel Galliani6 päivää sitten
    • My son and my ex-husband have the same name except one is Jr. and the other is the 3rd. This happened to my son, so my son applied to a temp agency. A few weeks later they contacted him about a potential job, gave him all the information and he was excited about it because he would be learning a lot of new skills. Well the day before he was supposed to start the new job the temp agency EMAILS him to let him know that they had had a “little” mistake and that unknowingly his father was employed by the agency as well, and that they had meant to offer the job to his father but had contacted my son by mistake. And even though they had everything all lined up for him to start the next day, they were taking him off the job because his father (with HORRIBLE work history) had more time in the trade. Also they would keep their eyes open for a similar job for my son lol. They contacted him a month later and gave him the exact same job because his father was no longer an employee there. ( They didn’t tell him that his father did)

      Julie ReisJulie Reis6 päivää sitten
  • Anybody who jumps in an interviewer's car is braver than me. That's how horror movies start.

    lena7623lena762319 tuntia sitten
  • For fucks sack I got a chipotle ad after the audible fart noise

    A HillA HillPäivä sitten
  • I love your laugh

    Melanie RahnerMelanie RahnerPäivä sitten
  • I had a very wierd experience once where I was applying for an office type job, went in for the interview and there was hardly any information about the post. I was asking questions about what type of work I would do etc, but it was always answered in a very round about way. Eventually the manager said I was hired and I was like brilliant! I need a job and the money. So when do I start, he says right now if you want. I thought well its 10am so why not. He leads me into a large open plan office space and theres people everywhere, almost shoulder to shoulder. And the big red flag was THEY ALL HAD HEADSETS! I thought why do we need headsets in an office environment?!?! Then I got sat with the trainers. They were showing me all the programs and buttons on the computer and what they did. The job was to sell kitchen installations. I stood up and walked over to the interviewing manager who only managed about 20 paces from me, I said to him, you said nothing about selling shit, I was here on the premise of working in an office, I.E admin work! I dont want this job. He starts saying how I already accepted the post. I told him, I dont care as it was accepted under a lie! Shove this job right up your A$$.

    Martin LMartin LPäivä sitten
  • your videos are so good and funny to lsten to when im playing minecraft and makes me smile even tho i have covid-19 and im fine im a child i'll be fine

    GoldenBananasGuyGoldenBananasGuyPäivä sitten
  • $10/hr to build furniture? From an experienced carpenter? Burger flippers at In-n-out make more than that. Sheesh.

    kabob21kabob21Päivä sitten
  • I mean its dumb but i think id get over it 5 minutes later if they explained the be rude to test you bit. Am i crazy or does that not sound too bad? I work in sales so dealing with aholes is somewhat common

    schouvler15schouvler15Päivä sitten
  • i once had an interview at this small tax firm. the owner was nice enough however part of the interview was to take a brain teaser "test" right there???? a bunch of optical illusions (which line is longer, which O is bigger, stuff like that) and then he said he would send a link to my email address to take take another similar test online on my own time and once they had the results i'd get the answer if the job was mine. anyway, i was confused but i took the tests regardless. i didn't hear back for something like four months and by that time i had already found another job and he was like "after review of your tests we decided to go in a different direction" and i'm like homie????? it took you four months to grade those tests, i would have declined anyway. it was so random??? maybe he just never wanted to hire me so he gave me the run around with that????? no idea but it was weird

    Ariel AllenAriel Allen2 päivää sitten
  • When he laughed through the whole story.... Dislike

    thefuzz03thefuzz032 päivää sitten
  • You have a beautiful laughter

    August LauemøllerAugust Lauemøller2 päivää sitten
  • Whenever rSlash can't get through a story without giggling, then it's probably involves someone bowel movement.

    Witcher CraftsWitcher Crafts2 päivää sitten
  • The worst interviews I have had that I can think of at that this moment. The kebab shop where I had to walk to the bus stop in a wind storm on what I later found out was a broken foot, only to be interviewed for like two seconds and told I wasn’t right for the job. The ice cream shop that told me from the get go that they weren’t hiring me because I was unemployed and they couldn’t be f*ed to train me. The cafe I did a job trial at where the staff kept sabotaging my work and the manager lied to my job agency about what I did wrong. The grunt lied and said I was waving a knife around dangerously. All I did with it was cut sandwiches in half. The cafe where they were interviewing because a current employee was looking for a job in a different industry and wasn’t sure if she had the job or not. The interview went great and the manager kept telling me “if (name) leaves you got the job here”. He interviewed EVERYONE my job agency sent him and from what I gathered told a few of them the same thing. As you can tell I didn’t get the job. The cake shop where I “got the job” but I had to do a weeks unpaid training. The training consisted of two weeks of full day work and the only training I did was in the first couple of hours in the morning. I caught on pretty quick that they weren’t actually interested in hiring me. Also one of the managers washed her feet in the dish washing sink. I understand that washing of the feet is an important part of Muslim praying but using that sink was unhygienic and against health code rules. In Australia OHNS rules state that staff can’t wash their hands in the same sink as the dishes, so you can see why her sweaty feet are a giant issue.

    shastapurpledaisyshastapurpledaisy2 päivää sitten
    • Then their was the horrible interview where I got the job. It was raining and I had just finished a job trial at another place. I got to the bus stop to take me to the second place. I was wearing a raincoat but somehow the front of my blouse got wet and my sleeve got stained with blue paint that dropped off the bus stop. I got to the venue and tried to dry off and clean myself off as best as I could. All I could say was thank god I didn’t wear makeup. The day they sent out a mass text telling people they got the jobs, they called me first to check up on me due to how disheveled I was in the interview.

      shastapurpledaisyshastapurpledaisy2 päivää sitten
    • Then there was this one cafe where I applied for the barista position. The interviewer took one look at me and started trying to interview me for a back of house position. I am a thicker girl while all the girls who work front of house were all skinny or athletic. Every time I tried to say I was better with the coffee machine she would ignore me and continue interviewing me for back of house

      shastapurpledaisyshastapurpledaisy2 päivää sitten
  • I've had some serious sleep issues and about two hours of sleep in four days before i went to an interview (for an administration job). Four interviewers introduce themselves and begin asking questions, which I answer to the best of my abilities, when one of them asks me for his name. After I found out through trial and error that he is neither the mayor (which wasn't even present) nor Bob something or [name of his female secretary?] I called it a day and thank them for their time.

    Arne KanalArne Kanal3 päivää sitten
  • Plz.... NEVER AGAIN 8:10 - 8:55

    Horny HisokaHorny Hisoka3 päivää sitten
  • You reading OTHER peoples stories is creative? Lol.

    Boss CuchilainBoss Cuchilain3 päivää sitten
  • To hear rslash laughing definitely made my day XD

    Yami CakeYami Cake3 päivää sitten
  • "Creative person" who reads other peoples' stories. Right.

    EldyPlaysGamesEldyPlaysGames3 päivää sitten
  • I went for a barmaid job they said I needed to do a 3 hour work trial UNPAID to see how I performed never called back months later I spoke to a friend of a friend who also interviewed same thing they basically got people to interview for a job and work for free then blanked them

    Day DreamerDay Dreamer4 päivää sitten
  • Right after the fart story, i got an ad that started with "some places tax flatulence. The kind that comes from cows". I was just listening. Not watching. I thought that was part of the video.

    Margaret RandolphMargaret Randolph4 päivää sitten
  • Oooft I had one recently. Applied for an advertised administrative role, which was actually policy writing. I applied online for the role, and within an hour, I was called and asked to come in five hours later (this job was right down the road from where I live so ehh, sure). So I do my interview prep, try to research the company (🚩no website in 2021 🙄🚩), etc.. Interview time arrives, I’m there a few minutes early and this woman sits me down and asks me to fill in an eight page application (🚩which had seven illegal questions in it🚩), this application took 20 minutes to fill out, got to wonder why it wasn’t sent to me beforehand but whatevs. After that’s done, interview starts. This woman is nowhere near prepared. She had no questions prepared (🚩), flipping between pages, rereading my resume over and over again, going back over things that she’s already said. At this point I was like “this is dodge but you need a job so stick in there”. Then, she asks if I wrote my cover letter, and I had, she was confused and couldn’t believe it “what program did you use? Did you get help? How long did it take you to write? Did you copy it from the internet?”(! 🚩!)I was fuming at this point. Then, she explains the role “so as a logistics company, we have to maintain work health and safety standards which need to be updated frequently so it’s legally acceptable but also understandable for staff, so you’ll be writing policies” (🚩) EXCUSE ME, WHAT. Policy writing in my country is paid about $50/hour and generally fulfilled by a lawyer or paralegal, cause it’s legal shit. They were offering $25/hr, and advertising it as admin. She then pretty much told me I wasn’t successful, and if I hadn’t heard by the end of the month, I definitely wasn’t. I noped out of there so quick. Later on they had the audacity to tell me it was because I didn’t have enough administration experience 🙄

    Nalani MulcahyNalani Mulcahy4 päivää sitten
  • Your laugh is so infectious. I love it! By the end it had me giggling too.

    Neo FoxNeo Fox4 päivää sitten
  • Someone slap r/slash

    Ambar MartinezAmbar Martinez4 päivää sitten
  • So guys just to elaborate on those "Marketing" jobs, door to door sales, etc. Half the stuff they do is basically illegal. We would do morning meeting every morning and basically practice our pitch to customers, UNPAID. We would be asked to come in to the office in business attire and then change into Verizon gear. Yeah we sold Verizon plans, at a Walmart. We'd be standing on our feet from 12 noon to sometimes 10pm but it was scheduled 7pm to be over AND We weren't paid for that. Overtime? Heck they would violate contract. They said I'd make either my hourly or commission depending on which is higher. No one wanted to buy our Verizon plans. So no commissions would come in. Maybe only 1 at most and we earned "100% of the initial sale" like 200$ monthly? We make 200$. Nah. They docced my commission for days I didn't make sales in. I dipped the day after the boss was explaining it to me. I was worn out. They told us they didn't recommend us taking lunch breaks and to just power through. Barely going to bathroom breaks. A man once screamed at me after I tried to pitch him "I'm not interested in you're religion terrorist fatty." (I'm chubby and Muslim wearing hijab and he was two times my size.) I was only 19. So I cried hard. My partner let me go to the bathroom and cry it out but called my boss who wasn't compassionate at all and said basically to toughen up. Walmart employees were the only people to stand up for me and one of them went after the man and asked him to leave. The Walmart employee another lady who saw that were the ones who escorted me to the bathroom. After leaving that horrible job, I attempted to contact Verizon and talk to Corporate about the MLMs they contacted. Said they'd give me a call back. Never did.

    Meggie MillsMeggie Mills4 päivää sitten
  • On the last one, I liked how Rslash did the pause to emphasize the awkward silence. I appreciate that kind of effective storytelling.

    KranberryKranberry4 päivää sitten
  • The story about all the door to door sales jobs... those are all MLMs honey. You dodged a machine gun spray of bullets. You don't want to be in an MLM.

    Meggie MillsMeggie Mills4 päivää sitten
  • rSlash laughing uncontrollably is my spirit animal

    Random RandolphRandom Randolph4 päivää sitten
  • I applied for a night job. The company confirmed it was a night job. I signed it with my name being next to the night job title. I get in to the interview. “We don’t have a night shift”.

    PunPunPunPun4 päivää sitten
  • Does anyone else think its super adorable and hilarious when rslash laughs before/while reading a funny post? I find that shit so wholesome

    Ashes EhmanAshes Ehman4 päivää sitten
  • I went to interview for a managers position at a store and I was trying to leave the store I was working out due to how toxic it was. So I go into the store 10 mins early and the employee tells me the district manager is running late so I told them it's fine. I ended up waiting for 30 mins for him to arrive. I was annoyed but I use the time to observe the store and chat with the employees. During the interview I discovered that not only did he know my current boss but they use to work together. He had the nerve to ask me" how do you think your boss will feel about you interviewing for another company?" I told him that seeing she has been training me to improve my skills I would hope she would shake my hand and wish me luck. I did get the job and I work for them for a little over a year before I left for a better opportunity

    Samantha CampbellSamantha Campbell4 päivää sitten
  • Re the human rights law office at 12:16. I am not a lawyer, but most discussions I have seen/read of work in the "legal industry" involve debate over the meaning of laws and different opinions about precedence. The interviewers there may have been testing the candidate to see how they would handle vigorous debate. Now maybe they were insulting, and that would be a valid red flag that the environment was toxic, but since one person's insulting can be another person's passionate impersonal debate, we should consider the possibility that this candidate didn't have the temperament to participate in heated impersonal debate. It is possible that the interview team was looking for a candidate who would push back on their questions without losing their cool. We don't know what their CV looks like, but I doubt the candidate was brought in with zero knowledge of human rights law.

    Neil DolingerNeil Dolinger4 päivää sitten
  • I heard r/slash laughing uncontrollably, at that point I stopped just listened and had to read it and I died too!

    anton_smallz99 _anton_smallz99 _4 päivää sitten
  • I interviewed at a dog daycare. Right after the hand shake, I informed them I had observed a female dog in heat and male dogs getting aggressive. They flat out told me I was wrong and excused me instantly. I read some reviews later and realized they were terrible, and probably didnt care that the dogs would fight and the female would get pregnant. I'm glad I didn't get hired.

    indigowulfindigowulf4 päivää sitten
  • It is fine if the interviewer treats you to lunch at different location but ONLY if you take your own vehicle.

    danny nelsondanny nelson4 päivää sitten
  • I never heard r slash laugh so much

    murdertoonsmurdertoons4 päivää sitten
  • Let's just go ahead and say though, people accused of rape absolutely should be kept anonymous from the public view until they are convicted.

    Austin BuringAustin Buring4 päivää sitten
  • I had the same experience as u, rSlash. Got conned into shadowing a door to door salesman. What's worse is that I was alone with the guy. My saving grace is that I'm not pretty n I'm bulkier than his skinny frame, so he wouldnt have touched me 😜 On my real worse interview ever, I was suddenly found myself unable to remember all my terminology in my own field of study, rendering me unable to answer the questions the CEO was asking me. It was like a living nightmare. I wanted to bury myself into the ground. It was like my mind was blank n I just stared at her, stuttering. Just remembering this is like triggering a trauma for me. 😭 My second worse one was when the manager wanted to hire me, confirmed my appointment. N then, the HR ghosted me. The HR. When I called in, they told me that my requested salary was too high for the position even though I was prepared to take a pay cut n the manager and I both has agreed on an amount. In the end, I told them off for being unprofessional and for leading people on without even a courtesy call. I'm glad I'm not working there if they play politics to the extent of hindering their own managers from expanding.

    Monique ThongMonique Thong4 päivää sitten
  • I wouldn't get in a vehicle with anyone I don't trust.

    Lava 321Lava 3214 päivää sitten
  • 8:10 I’m so glad you put it your attempts it was so funny.

    Emma WatkinsEmma Watkins5 päivää sitten
  • “This isn’t SALES , it’s Face to Face marketing 😌” after they wanted to to go to a secondary location (I drove myself), told me how lucky I was that they picked me, and I asked “is this position commission based?” And they said yes, and I said, “So it’s sales...” the interviewer was pissed after I declined further interviews. Turns out the interviewers got a bonus if they roped someone in

    rosesinamberrosesinamber5 päivää sitten
  • 1:48 Is he being interviewed by a child?

    Cafuné RoyaltyCafuné Royalty5 päivää sitten
  • 8:10 *insert 35 seconds of "ahehheheheheheheheheh"*

    Dem.D0ggDem.D0gg5 päivää sitten
  • Lobster Nixon

    Pop in lock inPop in lock in5 päivää sitten
  • I like rslash stories

    Angel ZunigaAngel Zuniga5 päivää sitten
  • 6:40 Know that kind of story differently, though ... Back in the days (before cellphones) this thing was common only that they didn't let you go ... and put you to work right the next day.

    MrMegaPussyPlayerMrMegaPussyPlayer5 päivää sitten
  • "I'm a professional! Come on, RSlash!!!" -RSlash, 2021

    Vlooran the WiseVlooran the Wise5 päivää sitten
  • Omygod THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! Some company drove me and a bunch of random interviewees around doing sales pitches and when we got back to "the office" I RAN TF AWAY

    Habibi AlishaHabibi Alisha5 päivää sitten
  • I listened to this before work yesterday. On my way home, for some reason, rslash laughing at "farted audibly" made me laugh so hard, I couldn't walk a straight line. I'm sure the people driving past me were wondering what the hell my problem was. It would have been hard to explain 😂

    Tangleshoot BurrfootTangleshoot Burrfoot5 päivää sitten
  • I'll just put this out there, I was on rolling contracts with my state's education department, ie. The Department oversees public schools, but each school has some automity of employment. A clause is that School X can only employ Person A for four consecutive contracts or fifty-five weeks, whichever is shortest, before the next contract is automatically changed to permanent (tenured)... so I was at the end of contract four with School "K", I applied for a similar position with School "N", I interviewed well, I got a call to say I was "provisionally appointed" at 2pm, at 3.45pm I was called to be told that another candidate had disputed my appointment, they had been declared "in excess", had tenure and thus were deemed to have "priority status"... they won out, twelve months later I went through the same process again for School "C", with the same result. To answer the inevitable question, applicants apply through a Department web portal, from which when an appointment is made all other applicants are emailed a standard message to the words of "you have been unsuccessful in your application for position no. [###] - [Job title], the following has been provisionally appointed, [applicant's name], if you wish to dispute this appointment please contact the Merit and Equity Board within the next 7 days. Stating the position no. and perceived bias or reasoning" if you have tenure, you're able to screw over those seeking tenure, if you've been made "in excess" repeatedly without justifiable reasons, priority status should be revoked.

    Piers JacksonPiers Jackson6 päivää sitten
  • Omfg... Perfect timing.. Finally got to the fart sound... And its a commercial break. Lol

    Taralee MoranTaralee Moran6 päivää sitten
  • I couldn't stop laughing when Rslash couldn't stop laughing. These were great.

    teababe27teababe276 päivää sitten
  • Wth is the one with the chocolate

    Sharee MitchellSharee Mitchell6 päivää sitten
  • 40 seconds of uncontrollable laughter at seeing the word fart

    Papa WafflesPapa Waffles6 päivää sitten
  • "So we want you back for a second interview?" "This is my second interview." "I mean with the manager." "She spoke to me on my first interview." He gets her and she confirms, then sits and they team interview me AGAIN. "We'll call you back when we have a position. We just filled it this morning."

    Bryni AdielBryni Adiel6 päivää sitten
  • I've had two bad interviews that come to mind. One was for a prep cook at a small restaurant and the other was for customer service at a department store that rhymes with ears. Looking back i should have just left both. The first one I come in and the owner immediately chastises me for being an hour late. I was on time and when i tried to pull out my phone to show him the confirmation text he got pissed that i had my phone on me and it was unprofessional. After a brief back and forth he pulled out his phone to show the text i was going to show him and what do you know, i was on time. He then proceeded to give a very hostile interview before saying that i probably wasnt qualified for the job. The second i came in for an interview and sat waiting for over 2 hours before an employee got the manager to ask what the hell was going on. Apparently someone from corporate had come to the store and they had just forgot they were going to interview me. He said theyd call me back to reschedule. They called me back over a month later and i went in. They said they liked and would call for a second interview. Again over a month later i hear back from them. I was young and stupid and needed a job so i accepted but i got fired after a month because a policy that i was told in training was optional and my direct manager never mentioned the entire time, was actually mandatory (trying to sign people up for the store credit card).

    Wes GWes G6 päivää sitten
  • You've got a contagious laugh! Thanks for the brilliant start to the day!

    Tamsin MooreTamsin Moore6 päivää sitten
  • So some years ago I applied to a fast food place. The interview was going great. The manager seemed to really like me and I was enthusiastic about the job. Then I got to the part about my disabilities. I have to disclose that I'm disabled because of liability laws. As soon as I mentioned that I'm disabled the manager suddenly became cold and disinterested. He ended the interview by saying that he had to go back to work and couldn't waste anymore time. As I walking out I saw him throw my application in the trash behind the counter. A friend of mind got a job at the same place a few months later and she discovered that the manager purposely doesn't hire disabled people because he is worried it will make the place look bad.

    Alexis ThwingAlexis Thwing6 päivää sitten
  • You have a very juvenile sense of humour young man (wags finger). Same as me. Carry on.

    Chris TracyChris Tracy6 päivää sitten
  • god i love it sooo much when you cant stop laughing while reading! I cant stop laughing then too. :D such a contagious laugh i love it! :D

    Ilaf MahmudIlaf Mahmud6 päivää sitten
  • Young lad rSlash getting in a car with a stranger, oh dear. Thank God it was an actual job thing, lmfao.

    私はバットマンだよ私はバットマンだよ6 päivää sitten
  • Dude that got the job somehow, so crazy how stuff can just happen. Imagine if he didn't accept the tour, give a good impression to the guy who hired him, guy could've felt indifferent n choose to not hire him, or even got sick that day. Who knows? 🤷‍♀️ Life is just wild...

    Jenny MatilJenny Matil6 päivää sitten
  • rSlash: "I'm a professional FIworldr." Also rSlash: **can't stop laughing over a fart joke**

    SuperSenshiSuperSenshi6 päivää sitten
  • I had an interview for an advertisement job (my friend is in advertisement so I thought it would be like that). The job description wasn’t very detailed and in the interview they said they’ve worked with Google, Apple, Amazon etc. It sounded exciting and I was selected to go through to the final interview (a group interview). When I turned up, I was in a meeting room with the other interviewees. We were all excited to see what the job was and the salary and the guy spent a while talking about the business, team, and then asked if we had any questions. To be clear, he didn’t tell us what we’d be doing but hinted that we were all hired there and then (red flag!). Someone asked about wages and he said “I’m currently earning £5,000 a month and with hard work so can you!” So I asked what the job was and what he meant and he said “well, you’ll be on a set salary for the first month while you learn then after that you’ll be on commission...” I immediately got up and left as I told him multiple times in the first interview I was not interested in approaching people in the street and selling them stuff. Every single person in the group interview left...

    Sam HSam H6 päivää sitten
  • I have a bad interview to share. So this was around the time I had graduated and was looking for job. I had sent application after application after application. Gotten answers from less than half of them that they didn't want me. One time I sent my resume and personal letter to this café and explained that I hadn't worked at the register but that I am a fast learner. I got answer the nex day that they wanted an interview! I was so exited to finally finding a place where they wanted me and where I could work. But this story wouldn't be here if it had a happy ending. I get to the intervew and the dude that's suppose to interview me didn't even know I was comming. We sit down and start talking. He asks if I had any experience with the register and I said no but I am a fast learner. I could fell the enrgy shift the moment I said that. The energy that said "You are NOT getting this job". But I continued talking even thou it all felt hopeless and eventually the guy said that they needed someone with experiance and that they didn't had time to teach someone the register. I F-ING WROTE IT IN MY LETTER THAT I DIDN'T HAD EXPERIENCE AND YET THEY WANTED AN INTERVIEW! Still pissed about this five years later.

    FridayFriday6 päivää sitten
  • "I'm sorry, I can't answer those questions.." *generic_fart.mp4* GET MORE WINGS AT B-DUBS

    Cooper TCooper T6 päivää sitten
  • Rslash, it wasn't a sales job, it was a sales *opportunity*! I got suckered by something like that when I was young and desperate for a job. But it wasn't even trying to sell to stores. It was literally door-to-door selling knives. (And now that I think about it. Who in their right mind would let a stranger with knives into their home?!)

    YggdrasilYggdrasil6 päivää sitten
  • I had a horrid interview with 6 flags. I was applying for security and they had me come in to fill out some paperwork and wait for an interview. I was there for 3 hours before I was brought in for an interview where they told me they filled the positions 3 DAYS EARLIER! So they tried to get me interested in other positions. I said yeah I only applied for security because that was the only job I was interested in. I asked why even have me come in if the position has been filled. Their answer well we have other positions yeah no thank you

    Zachary ParksZachary Parks6 päivää sitten
  • Whenever rSlash finds a post so funny that he can barely start reading, let alone finish it, it really tickles me :’) super contagious laugh

    ShutUpTateShutUpTate6 päivää sitten
  • I was once asked if I was Mormon. It was for a commercial business, non faith-related.

    plattyplatty6 päivää sitten
  • I work in IT and had an interview that was suppose to be technical questions and the guy I sat down with was the lead developer and he didn't know anything. He asked me a question and he was sitting behind a computer googleing what he asked me to see if I was right. Worst interview I ever had.

    PrimusMangusPrimusMangus6 päivää sitten
  • First red flag i should have seen when applying to a local private owned pizza place in town, the managers both said we're all a family, we all work hard and play hard, all friends, work well together in both interviews. Worked there for three months, the place is nasty as hell in the kitchen (bugs, grease, food splatter, etc), creaky uneven floors, i had a better relationship with my coworkers and customers than the managers (which never stayed around long enough). Along with all that i basically picked up on a lot of the mess, i was always early or on time and stayed after my shift because we got swamped, i kept everyone updated on things, i triple checked tickets, asked questions, etc. But i got fired because it is either i sent out three burned pizzas in one day, or did it three different times (One i fixed and the customer was happy and offered to buy me a drink), and they fire me by giving me a long break up type of text message. The least they could do was take me to the side, talk to me, help fix the problem, but they didnt.

    ZKETCH42591ZKETCH425916 päivää sitten
  • My worst interview is when interviewer asked me question and instead of listening she's looking elsewhere while making a duck face, and she only did that to me who is one of the four candidate in the room, I decided to just eff it and talk like a smartass.

    MrVocaloverMrVocalover6 päivää sitten
  • Hearing all these stories makes me think of my dad 65/66 years old and worked a single job for 48 years no other jobs in his life just one not many people can say that these days he finally just retired over Christmas this year now we like to joke and say he's not on retirement he's unemployed because he's driving me and my mom crazy

    Wyatt HawthorneWyatt Hawthorne6 päivää sitten
  • rSlash''s laugh is so contagious

    Gabriel the KaiserGabriel the Kaiser6 päivää sitten
  • I'm currently in kinda similar situation. Over the past couple of weeks I've applied for a lot of work places (18 years old, soon out of school and need money and a possible career, what else can I say?) While still waiting to get interviewed for some of the jobs, I've been able to do a couple of video interviews. Not through Meet, Zoom or Skype, but recording an answer with my facecam and send it. So while the interview couldn't be more neutral, the consept is bad, at least for me: I needed to take so many videos and some of them were quite long and because I couldn't read directly from a "script", I had to remember all that I wanted to say by heart. If I had even a slight pause in my memory, the whole video went to waste and I needed to start over

    「Bite za Dusto」「Bite za Dusto」6 päivää sitten
  • What in the god damn...? That candybarlady was off her rocker!

    「Bite za Dusto」「Bite za Dusto」6 päivää sitten
  • I laughed so hard at the fart guy. Especially when you couldnt stop laughing!

    Kelli ClarkKelli Clark6 päivää sitten
  • men and their fart jokes

    Melissa ClarkMelissa Clark6 päivää sitten
  • the good old days of me wandering the metropolis looking for a job... i hate it :/ and jobs ads in newspapers want experience for an entry level job.

    NovaGirlNovaGirl6 päivää sitten
  • If you're asked weird questions during an interview, just pretend that you're in a beauty pageant.

    Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMuhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir6 päivää sitten
  • Nah I wouldn't have waited. Store one I would have lost my shit on him and told him to bring me back to my car or I'd call the damn police. Do not lie to me and then kidnap me for a job I told you I didn't want. Nope. I'd have lost my shit on them. You don't need to be polite and professional for people who won't do the same.

    Runzi333Runzi3336 päivää sitten
  • Hearing rSlash giggle uncontrollably for two minutes over the words *farted audibly* is the most adorable thing on the internet since the arrival of Baby Yoda.

    Lisa HenkelLisa Henkel6 päivää sitten
  • went to a job interview for PC Desktop support. I hit all the requirements perfectly. Turns out they wanted someone who could "Configure SQL queries and work data magic". That there was only one kind of ad for computer jobs and they were all for Desktop Support. I told them that was not what their I did and they continued to describe the job. Nothing in their description was about Desktop support. They looked crushed when I told them I was in no way interested in the job. I thanked them for the interview and wasting both of our times and suggested they work out the whole ad thing.

    LordSidiousLordSidious6 päivää sitten
  • In the story where the guy said op wasn't qualified for that position after flying across the country, I'd totally go full Karen on him and get him fired. Suing would be better, but it's too much trouble, but letting him off doesn't make any sense considering how rude it was. Someone HAS to get fired for it.

    Andrey ProtasAndrey Protas6 päivää sitten
  • Regarding law firm interview, I don't really see the problem. He wasn't supposed to win the debate, he was supposed to show how he can perform under pressure and when confronted with unexpected questions and situations. And he "turned into babbling mess". It's fine to show that you don't know the answers, but acting embarrassed isn't good for someone aiming to be a lawyer. They would've accepted him if he just kept his calm, even if he didn't win the debate.

    Andrey ProtasAndrey Protas6 päivää sitten
  • So I was talking to a job coach about the volunteer jobs that *I* wanted, one of them being a comic book shop. It was within walking distance, they sold coffee and snacks and despite it being a small place, it was a great place with friendly and kind workers! The only thing about it is that they closed on ONE DAY, to which the job coach would say “Well they only close on ONE DAY!”. Yeah, and? What did she expect me to do? Work every day as a volunteer worker every friggin’ day? I have Asperger’s and Anxiety, meaning that o could only work for a couple hours, not all day! Luckily I got a different job coach and now work at the aquarium as a volunteer. Haven’t been there in almost a year due to the pandemic.

    CooperGal24CooperGal246 päivää sitten
  • so, yugo dosent disturb u, ur laughing disturbs u and u add yugo's barking as an edit

    mahir mannanmahir mannan6 päivää sitten
  • Definitely an Adam sandler fan, Cant even get out the word "Fart" Huh hah ahahaha

    Zero1872001Zero18720016 päivää sitten
  • worst/fastest was kinda just a weird one "interview" was more when can u start and a little of training around the store i was just like ok thats weird lol but i love my job gas station clerk isnt the most fab job but it pays well :3

    darkninja1012darkninja10126 päivää sitten
  • “You’re very rude and unprofessional!” What a strange reason to call someone to interview 🙃

    Tom JeffriesTom Jeffries6 päivää sitten
  • A lot of these people need to go on choosing beggars instead. Especially since they're unemployed lol.

    Spacew0lf420Spacew0lf4206 päivää sitten
  • Call that professional? You didn't even have a dog with you.

    VamptoniusVamptonius6 päivää sitten
  • My worst interview was with a recruiting company. I had applied for a job at a bookstore that i had already been as an intern. It was supposed to be a group interview (which i absolutely hate right after filming video answers for questions), but i was the only one from my group to show up. The interview itself went pretty well. Some time after the interview i got a call and they said "we will inform you in couple of days when you have the interview with the store manager". I was excited. Couple days goes. Next week i call if they have any information. They say they'll inform me later. Next week i ask again and they say that i wasn't chosen for the store manager interviews. It was devastating. Thank god i was working as an intern at an animal shelter so I had a chance to go socialize with the cats and get some furbaby therapy. This happened in 2016. I am still having hard feelings with this recruiting company.

    SlaniakiiSlaniakii6 päivää sitten
  • My worst "Job interview" included a half hour long pitch as to why they were not a pyramid scheme. Pro tip, if they have to explain why they are not a pyramid scheme, then they are a pyramid scheme. Don't get roped into that scammy crap. I cut contact with the "friend" who had roped me into that "job interview" in the first place. (I had typed this story out in more detail but then FIworld suddenly decided to refresh the page and I lost it. Don't want to type it all out again even though the story's more entertaining in the long version)

    TiBunTiBun6 päivää sitten
  • I interned at a film school. I was interviewed about my film experience. I became a janitor for a month, halfway I started assisting the accountant and then quit after I finally had enough.

    LeonLeon6 päivää sitten
  • Jeez, I thought my most recent job interview was horrible, at least I wasn't kidnapped! It was a phone interview. It was pretty late in the evening, but okay, if that was okay with the interviewer, that's fine by me. I did give her the option for scheduling the interview for the next day instead if that was more convenient for her. Nope, she wants to get it over with. So, I get the call, and things start off pretty good. Except that it quickly became apparent that she didn't read my CV/resume, she didn't even know that it was two pages long, let alone what was on it. And, a couple minutes in, it also became apparent that she was in a hurry to get off the phone. She asked what I did in the time I was unemployed, and I did a lot of things, actually. I told her about, maybe one of the several things I did, and then she cut me off. She asked if I had any questions, and I was barely done asking my question (I had more, but okay), when she responded pretty concisely, and then said, 'well, if there are no other questions...' On the phone, it sounded like a 'I'm done with this interview'. She gave a very rehearsed spiel and the call ended. I think it goes without saying that I didn't get the job.

    Celeste VolschenkCeleste Volschenk6 päivää sitten
  • R/slash laugh is so heart warming 😂😂💗

    Nat CNat C6 päivää sitten
  • I cant really go outside becouse my immunesisrim is shit when I was 2 my lungs calaps and pls give me a shout out and this realy is my strory

    Daniel SawnepoelDaniel Sawnepoel6 päivää sitten
  • Hope you got to keep the toy with the meal

    Harry DuckHarry Duck6 päivää sitten
  • Informative

    VoodooBrew92VoodooBrew926 päivää sitten